Montblanc Medieval

Montblanc is a medieval town in the centre of Catalonia, situated around 100 kilometres from the regional capital Barcelona and near such interesting places as the Mediterranean coast and the Prades Mountains.

La Ruta del Cister

The Cistercian Route identifies a particular territory with three Cistercian monasteries: Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges. The Cistercian Route consists of the counties of Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà and Urgell.

Hiking in Conca de Barberà

Conca de Barberà offers you a lot of routes in the county. If you like walking, the practice of BTT and/or discover news places, you shoul come!!

The wine route

The modernist wineries in Conca de Barberà also called "the wine cathedrals" by Àngel Guimerà are important buildings for the architectural heritage in Catalonia.